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After Sales

ServiceA large proportion of our tractors and equipment when sold are covered by either manufacturers or in-house warranties.

Terms of warranties vary depending on the tractor or machine, from full parts and labour to parts and labour on lubricated drive-line items only, to just parts only, or on occasions ‘sold as seen’, ‘as is’, ‘to clear’, or ‘trade sale’ where no warranty is expressed or given (usually due to price or age of machine etc) .

If it is important to you, please ask for the terms of any warranties in writing at the time of purchase.

In the unlikely event of a break down during the warranty period, ASKEWS will either repair your tractor or machine either on-site or by collecting and returning after repair at our Upton on Severn base. In certain circumstances it is possible for customers or third party repairs to carry out repairs on our behalf




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